Empresa com expertise em projetos de laboratórios de cannabis medicinal


Multidisciplinary team specialized in all necessary disciplines from project design to final delivery of the laboratory.


Our focus is on technical knowledge and on the exquisite, agile, and transparent dialogue between everyone involved.


We work with a complete network of accredited suppliers in Latin America.


We deliver the facilities following all international requirements of GMP Anvisa, FDA, and EU FMD, through the proven technical expertise of our multidisciplinary team in laboratory projects in the United States and Latin American countries where the planting, extraction, and production of cannabis-based medicines have already been approved and are in operation.

We created a unique methodology for data collection and management. We focus on the technical knowledge and on the exquisite, agile, and transparent dialogue between all the parts involved (customer, investor, regulatory teams, designers, and suppliers).

We work with a complete chain of accredited suppliers within Latin America.


To be the reference company in the Latin American and Brazilian markets for architectural and engineering projects for medical cannabis laboratories, providing a complete implementation of the Turn-key model.


Please contact us. It will be our pleasure to meet your specific needs!


Cannlabr was created to meet growing demand in the area of ​​healthcare projects, specifically for pharmaceutical grade laboratories for the extraction and R&D of medicinal cannabis products. We work on new projects as well as retrofits of existing plants in the need of adaptation.

We design and manage labs installations for cannabis-based medicines in Latin American countries and Brazil. 

We count on a multidisciplinary team specialized in all requested disciplines from the initial project design to the final delivery of the laboratory.

We have used exclusive methodology and created an ecosystem of architects, engineers, regulatory consultants, and suppliers in order to speed the processes, make the business feasible, and increase access to cannabis-based medicines.

Based on the experience of over 20 years in projects and their execution, we understand that the main issue for not completing the works efficiently is the lack of integrated management. Thus, the role of the project and installation manager is extremely important and this Profesional participares in all project stages and technical discussions with the entire team involved until the completion of the work.

Communication, Quality Control, Technical Innovation & Transparency are our priorities.

  • Architectural design (Preliminary Study, Preliminary Design and Executive);
  • Hydro-sanitary project (purified water);
  • HVAC Project;
  • Electrical project;
  • Lighting project;
  • Structured cabling project;
  • Fire detection and fire fighting installation project;
  • Access Control Project;
  • Centralized Management Systems Project (BMS);
  • Cleanroom design;
  • Project and technical installation management;
  • Clean rooms supply;
  • Hvac equipment supply;
  • Coordination of the bidding process for contracting local construction company;
  • Coordination of the bidding process for contracting local construction manager


Carolina Gebrin Cezar

Architect graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, holds a Diploma in Architectural Technology from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland; postgraduate program in Interior Design from USP; postgraduate program in Cities, Environment and Public Policies from UFPR; professional experience in commercial retrofits in Edinburgh and residential retrofits in New York, as well as professional experience at architect Carlos Warchavchik’s office in São Paulo.

She was a partner at Def Projetos (former De Fournier Associados) from 2010 to 2017, one of the largest urban planning offices in the country, with a portfolio of over 190 million m² of urbanized areas, as well as expertise in medium and large-scale architectural projects in Brazil and abroad.

Since 2018, she has worked as a consultant for Panarea Partners, an investment bank in the healthcare field, and was responsible for the project bidding processes, contracting suppliers, project management, and construction bidding processes for 7 laboratories within the Latam Medical Cannabis Hub in the Science Park in Montevideo, Uruguay. Carolina worked directly with 5 international reference companies in the medical cannabis sector for two years and has obtained consistent knowledge in the systems, equipment, infrastructure, and working flows of medical cannabis laboratories.

João Felipe M. Meca

Civil Engineer by Puc Campinas and specialist in Business from Veris Educacional. He has been working in the Cleanroom construction area for over 20 years, experiencing all stages of the process, and has international experience in assembling materials imported from Germany, France, China, and the United States. He participated in important projects, such as Instituto Butantan, Aché, Eurofarma, Roche, Bionovis, Brainfarma, Fiocruz, Unitec, and Ceitec. Responsible for the commercial area of ​​Asmontec for 10 years, he manages a team that serves the entire Brazilian territory and Latin America.

Juan Andrés Marin

Architect by Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay, with a postgraduate degree in Construction of Architecture Works oriented in Sustainability. Director At LAB Sud specialized in LAB – Planning. Architect specialized with his team in Pharmaceutical, Health, and Medical Cannabis programs. He has been developing laboratories, research centers, production plants, industrial complexes, and centers of different scales and complexity for more than 15 years, for private and public (Government) companies, both national and international.

His studio LAB Sud has been the Marca País Uruguay Natural since 2017. He provides advisory in Uruguay and in several countries in North, Central, and South America, as well as Oceania. Speaker in specialized forums of Pharma, Health & Medical Cannabis. He writes articles focusing on architecture and pharmaceutical engineering at Revista Indufarma and is a specialized advisor for organizations and companies in Life Sciences. 1st International Prize (England) Best Pharma Architecture Studio Latin America 2020.